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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

EDIFACT warning letter

Warning letter – An informed compliance letter notifying an EIP/RLF filer of any infraction when an entry or entry summary was filed contrary to 19 U.S.C. § 1414 and 19 C.F.R. § 143, Subpart E. It will serve as a warning against future breaches of the RLF regulations and does not preclude penalty action for the above mentioned violation(s). Future instances of non-compliance will be referred to the Private attorney general (myself) for further administrative action, which can include suspension of your RLF privileges or removal from the program.


19 USC 1414 - Sec. 1414. Remote location filing
19 C.F.R. § 171.2   Filing a petition.
19 C.F.R. § 111.55   Investigation of complaints.

Statutes say:  " or Customs".

Not US customs, just CUSTOMS.

YAMA say's: "Settle out of court"
"Or the man in black robes will visit you..."

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Mail covers and Variations on the The lost-letter technique or You guy's sure have a funny way of updating your mailing list.

My mother told me a story that some can relate to.  I say this because the best way to convince someone of something is to raise their awareness of it from their existing experience.  After "the war" ended those involved in code breaking where brought into a room and told that "Wherever they go, for as long as they live, they will be watched".

Most people probably figured it was like when they said in school that the people you had in Home room would be relationships you will have for your whole life.  You called BS and just went on with things.  So this one woman was a codebreaker and she's telling her this story about how whenever she would move she'd get a postcard from with the address from a government agency.

My mom died in 2013 but I still get her mail.  Some of it are newsletters from colleges.  You graduate Chinese medicine, you get acupuncture times for example.  Engineers get engineering digest.  The thing that bothered me was when she would get mailings (when she was alive) from one of the colleges she graduated from.

I look and I don't see a forwarding address sticker.  Those only last for around 2 years anyways.  She mailed a letter to a friend that came back in town, before she died, and it was returned, but it took over a year.  I thought that odd.  Why did it take a year for a letter to get forwarded.  The address was okay but she put the name of a doctor, not the name of the clinic. 

She had been overseas in china for several years.  Still, its probably because she has a muslim name.  My Austerity always turns out to be justified.  This brings to mind the term of a "mail cover".  The simplest way to explain it is to link the statute explaining what its about in legalise:

The importance of this will be obvious as you read on.  How would you know you have a mail cover on your name?  Well, the same way you would be alerted to the fact that someone has a "funny way of updating their mailing list".  The idea is that if you do something like a FOIA on yourself.  And you mail the letter you get a response in a few days, rather than weeks. 

You'd expect months.  You wouldn't expect no response at all.  Too fast and too slow is not good.  It brings up "red flags" to borrow a term that I don't think its completely rational in its common usage.  You *WOULD* expect it to take weeks, not days to get a response.  Unless someone is literally taking mail out of circulation and reading it and sending a response.

This brings to mind the fool that was caught "spying" on the USA.  He got a job working for the government and was photocopying "classified" documents.  Its still a crime no matter how arbitrary the materials.  What he did was write the return address in the wrong spot.   This is/was an unconscious thing.  He wanted to get caught.

He screwed up, like they always do.  They always screw up in the end.  When I was a kid in elementary school we went to a tour to the police station.  The guy showed us a room with polygraph machines.  Lie detectors.  He said as a matter of fact, that most suspects confess *BEFORE* they are hooked up to the machine.

This is a psychodynamic theory.  The "child" is playing a game of "hide and seek".  Its "no fun" to always get caught.  The fun is in the chase ie. the chase game.  To lose to a machine, the psyche cant handle that.  So they just confess.  I think everyone should be required to be hooked up to a polygraph during any interview.  Job, psychological evaluation, whatever.

If you disagree with this policy, don't apply here.  The results cant be used against you, so what the bother?  If you read the Miranda rights closely it says: "Anything you CAN and SAY will be used against you in a court of law".  Polygraph results cannot be used as evidence.

You have already incriminated yourself by going down to the station.  Arrest means to stop.  Florida vs. royer was reversed a few years ago, but, the point of that evidentiary statute was that you didn't have to voluntarily cooperate in a "fishing expedition" if it wasn't a special rather than general, investigation.

This of course is where people have issues.  That someone confesses before they are hooked up to "the machine".  They were guilty.  They were suspects.  They didn't "lawyer up".  Its a dirty trick, but it worked.   The point here is that there is something inside a person that "leaves clues".  If you haven't seen the tv movie Billionare boys club get it.  Its a great blast from the past with a lot of "brat pack" actors.

But it is a quite fascinating true crime case.  "Better than the book".  Its long, but worth it.  I have to say its a mini-spoiler but it wasn't clear if the guy wrote his name on the wrong part of the check on purpose.  If someone forces you at gunpoint to write a check for millions, sign with your left hand.  Or sign in the wrong spot.

Or sign a different signature.  How are they going to know?  And it most likely not notice it until too late.  These days the bank might cash it.  Its an example of the failure of awareness.  Too much or too little is bad.

You will catch someone screwing up.  What you do afterwards depends on you.  Check your mail and look for any catalogs or letters or cards which for some reason, have no forwarding address stickers on them.  Did you even file a forwarding address before you started moving? 

How did they get your forwarding address if you hadn't even known where you were moving in the first place?  In my experience, one person in the household takes over for the duty of finding a place or the most important details. You might move in with a friend.

Lets go back to people that are being told "we are watching you" blatantly.  You go on an overseas trip and you get a call from the front desk.  You have a letter.  You go down and its a card from the department of defense wishing you a belated happy birthday.

This one is a no brainer.  Remember caller ID?  Before caller ID they had ANI which stands for automatic number identification.  800# have it because you typically had to charge per-call rates.  Anarchists used to suggest calling 800#'s of companies you don't like so that they have to pay for nothing.

Typically order numbers are only for orders for that reason.  Because someone in the company gets mad if you call in on the 800# for questions because they get charged.  They have a record of who calls, it logs number, and address and cant be blocked.  These days its hard to get good junk mail anymore.

If you ordered the pheromone to attract woman, which is marketed to rapists and serial killers (I read that it was actually a bottle of ether) or nose hair clippers.  You were put on a mailing list of people that buy crap out of magazines.

This isn't paranoid.  Back as early as 2009 my mom called a 800# advertised on Coast-to-coast AM and I think it was a dropped call or went to voice mail.  A few hours later she got a call from the people that were on the radio show.  The 800# they had showed the ANI of every caller.  It was no big mystery because its what they said.

If you catch someone blatantly "updating their mailing list" in questionable ways.  Report it.  File charges, sue even.  There is a wonderful thing called discovery.  How exactly *DID* you update your mailing list?  If its a school or business, you need to bring this issue up with the public.

I've "caught" a few people myself.  Often times when you confront someone with a screw up, its a embodiment of the Chinese idiom that translates to: "What I don't know others don't know".   Its tough when you know your right. 

Its even tougher when you know someone someone doesn't know.  Its tougher when they don't know what they don't know, and don't have the ability to comprehend how something they did and said in the past, has caught up to them and can be made into an issue that will look in such a matter as exactly how it looks.

Another good movie that illustrates this is Penn and Teller get Killed.  I used to have this on tape, I think someone stole it.  Its towards the end when they get killed.  Hey, you know how it ends, but they don't die really.  Its just a movie.

This generally deals with a larger issue of the so-called cell system we read about years ago from various sources about the unconventional warfare in Vietnam.  The cell system idea is that only one person in a cell has contact with another cell and those cells all connect until they reach the top as some kind of psychotic reality critical mass.

When a cell is compromised, it gets "cut off" essentially compartmentalized.  What happens to the people that are unaware that they are part of a cell?  What happens when they are cut off?  There has to be a moment of clarity like the end of Penn and Teller get Killed.  The same as when people realize that someone in the household, dead or off to the war, or moved out.  Still gets mail, even when you move.

You wonder why.   You wonder how someone can update the mailing list so easy and what the significance is.  How would you know that someone in the household was/is a convert informant or being watched because they have done work that requires that they have to live and die by some secrecy order?

I've done all this rather stream of consciousness and I'd like to contribute more with links and images but I am the library.  The big issue here is serious.  Freedom of speech and freedom of assembly and freedom of choice, which not everyone has, is frankly a joke in the united states.

Take for example Freedom of religion.  In order to have freedom to choose, you have to have freedom from force to choose.  Freedom of religion is freedom FROM religion.  The USA wasn't meant to be a Christian country.  Protestant.  No, it was, at least, meant to be ANTI-CATHOLIC.

Protestant versus Catholic.  Lets consider this.  If there were every a group of people with boundary and entitlement issues, its catholics.  They say that Dante's inferno is about Italy, the "first capitalist country".  Really?  It was the carthaginians that taught the Italians capitalism. 

Half the guys in US prisons are named Jesus.  What's the percentage of atheists in US prisons?  3%?

So much for the 10 commandments.  You can join a union, but its no longer a choice when you extort higher wages from your employer.  You have the freedom to say fire, but not in a movie theater.  There are choices, and there are forces and there are choices of forces. 

There are also solutions to non-existing problems which is so Hegelian.  When the outcome only benefits you and its someone elses money, don't call it Secular humanism.  If I wanted to test the inhouse mailing system of a corporation.  Using the lost-letter technique.  I might put it on an envelope marked: RIGHT TO WORK FOUNDATION and mail it off to the CEO.

Do you actually expect the letter to arrive at the CEO's desk?  But consider many things that I have put into your awareness.  What if its a legal document?  What if its a time sensitive document?  What of at every step of the way, you have do deal with liars, scumbags, all manner of corrupt, slackjawed mouthbreathing bottom feeders just to exercise your rights to communicate with another human being.

How can you have an expectation of due process of law?  Or rather, how can you create a system were anonymous supercorporations "cant be sued" simply because they cant be bothered to read email, faxes or respond to certified documents?

As to the Cyranoids, I probably read the article originally in OMNI one of my favorite magazines.  You know that joke about reading playboy for the articles? (OMNI was published by Penthouse).  I read the article again on the Periodical index, and found the .pdf years ago and uploaded it to my scribd:

I thought it was funny, the usage of the lost-letter technique that proved that Hong kong people are basically honest.  You couldn't say the same about your average US government worker.  Or the airline industry.

Hong kong for the record is and probably will always be the closest thing to a true FREE market capitalist system.  What I can say in short, because I am running out of time, is that if you are a CEO or a SEO or whatever.  You might want to employ some people to "test" you in house mailing system.

More later.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

尉繚子 - 將理 Jiangli: The General as Law official

Chapter 9: The General as a Law Official

"In general, a general is an officer of the law, the ruler of the ten thousand things. It cannot be the personal domain of one man. When it is not the personal domain of one man, the ten thousand things will come and be commanded there."

"The perfected man [chu"n-tzu] does not stop criminals more than five paces away. Even though they may shoot at him with barbed arrows, he does not pursue them. He excels at discovering the nature of a criminal’s offense. Without relying on thorn branches, he can obtain a complete understanding of the offender’s situation."

"If you flog a person’s back, brand his ribs, or compress his fingers in order to question him about the nature of his offense, even a state hero could not withstand this cruelty and would falsely implicate himself."

"There is a saying in our age" ‘One who has thousands of pieces of gold will not die; one who has hundreds of pieces of gold will not suffer corporeal punishment.’ If you listen to my techniques and try them in practice, then even a person with the wisdom of Yao or Shun will not be able to affect a word [of the charge against him], nor one with ten thousand pieces of gold be able to use the smallest silver piece [to escape punishment].

"At present those in prison awaiting judgement number no less than several tens in the smallest gaols, no less than several hundred in the middle-sized jails, and no less than several thousand in the largest prisons. Ten men entangle one hundred men in their affairs; one hundred men drag in one thousand; and one thousand trap ten thousand."

"Those that have become entangled are parents and brothers, next relatives by marriage, and next those who are acquaintances and old friends. For this reason the farmers all leave their occupations in the fields, the merchants depart from their stores, and the officials leave their posts."

These good people have all been dragged in because of the nature of our criminal proceedings. The Art of War says: ‘When an army of ten thousand goes forth, its daily expensive is a thousand pieces of gold.’ Now when there are ten thousand good people thus entangled and imprisoned, yet the ruler is unable to investigate the situation --- I take it to be dangerous!"

In Chinese: