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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Communication over space versus communication over time illustrated by the traveling-wave interferogram or time varying hologram

I posted a note on facebook a few weeks ago giving a fairly common illustration of communication over space, not time.  Generally, this is a misunderstanding and application of awareness, as most things are.

However, I realized, that I had failed to realized that communication over time does occur.  When or if communication occurs over time, or through time, it occurs with a specific limitation that communication through space does not.

This is interesting, because from the interferogram's below, we see a specific limitation on how far back we can go "through time".  Cause and effect here is effectively reversed, so the precursor wave is that of an event in the future, going backwards, and the following wave is and event in the past going forward.

As you go back, the signal gets weaker, probably requiring some time of method to make the weak signal stronger.  What comes to mind here is developing a photograph that you took.  You know what it is a picture of, but you cannot simply drop the picture in the developer and a picture forms.

Rather, you have to move it back and forth.  I read this somewhere on the raudive recordings, that five minutes could take 50 minutes of playing and rewinding, as if the act of playing and rewinding "develops" the recording.

We do not generally want to intent to communicate over time, but rather, through space.  Comm has the word CO meaning TWO and COMM as in "no duh".  Communication requires something going from A to B but what arrives at B was not A.  Hence holomovement.


Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Did the FBI Freeze Your Computer for Watching Child Porn? It's a Scam.

Did the FBI Freeze Your Computer for Watching Child Porn? It's a Scam.

"Imagine this: You're sitting at your computer surfing the web. You're clicking around when suddenly your computer locks up. Your own image appears on the screen, obviously taken by your webcam -- but you didn't even turn your webcam on. More ominous still, a window, which you can't close, pops open to inform you that the FBI knows you were looking at child pornography and you're in big trouble. To get back the use of your computer, you'll have to send in a fine to the FBI at the email address listed on the screen or federal criminal charges will be filed"