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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Renegotiating NAFTA and Canada's foreign ownership rules. (draft)

You might have wondering about the talk about building a wall on the Canadian border.  Its kind of a inside "joke".

Talk of "renegotiating" NAFTA has probably taken a more serious tone/turn in the recent weeks.

You might want to be brought up some of the issues and I am just the man to do so since I am HKSAR's private attorney general and special prosecutor.

For reasons that no one can understand Canada was allowed extensions on "non-compliant" canadian laws (not compliant with NAFTA).  They kept getting extensions until a "ultimatum" was arrived at.

The non-compliant laws, such as the Air Canada Public Participation Act circa 1986 were given "grandfather protection".

Meaning, as long as those non-compliant laws were not changed (and thus tolling the protections) it will be business as usual.  But, if certain things were to occur, which I will not disclose at this time.

They would lose grandfather protections and open themselves up to sanctions by NAFTA and perhaps WTO and other trade laws.  Problem was, someone that was able to push the issue and force them to change the foreign ownership rules, essentially destroying "Canadian nationalism" which in essence is not NAFTA compliant.

I'll leave that for now for you to ponder, you can extrapolate the rest.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The "Ingression of novelty into space-time": What is Novelty? (draft)

I posted something yesterday and realized I said REGRESSION rather than ingression of novely into space-time.  On that note, let me define the convention of Novelty so that its "ingression into space-time" can be better understood for practical applications.

What does that mean "ingression of novelty into space-time".

Its obvious isnt it?

Actually it is.  You know this.  You know more than you give yourself credit for.  And

perhaps give your self too much credit in some areas.

The reason is that you are most invariably, and its too bad that this wasnt made clearer in
other dharmas and sutras, your own worst enemy.

You are actually in fact, not a single entity.  You can choose to be.  That is why we have
monotheism and why we have dualism and other such garbage like empiricism, and logical positivism.

That's what it is.  The "philosophy's" of people that cannot think.

The Vedas tells us we have in fact 8 senses.  7 are "accessable" to the ken of ordinary
man.  The five ordinary senses.  And two others: Communication and Understanding.

The eighth is false-ego.  This just means the unconscious homunculus.

In Feng Shui we are told that the inner environment and outer environment are inseparable,
this is essentially non-duality.  But it is expressed differently on a case-to-case basis,
or no at all, depending on the degree of deviation.

I realized awhile back, after reading something that Al G Manning said in one of his books.

The one on "white witchcraft" i'd have to check.

He was talking about the higher and lower selves.  Freud called these the Superego and Id

What I realized is that Communication and Understanding were too abstract.  These are in
fact the only two senses available to the Hun.  You ever have a shadow dream where you try
and speak but nothing comes out?

This is actually more complex and its hard to deal with.  The dream can be directed by  different parts
of yourself.  So my "nightmares" I am running from myself.  I am my own "boogeyman".  But understand that the etheric-double or the Hun does not have the capacity for human speech.

(The Hun contains the "ego-structure" and a "shadow dream" of yourself is teaching you something about the nature of the miscommunication between these parts of yourself as being the root cause of your present problems)

This might be a dream directed by the shadow, but you are experiencing it as your etheric
body, which cannot speak.  It is effectively mute.  Basically there is a connection between
different parts.  Like how you can turn a right handed glove inside out, but its still a
right handed glove.

You can wear it on the other hand, but it functions as a right handed glove.

The point being, the Hun does not have the capacity for human speech.  Period.  There
can only be a non-verbal channel of communication between the High and Low self.  You are
stuck in the middle.

This defines a paranormal channel of communication.  You can ultimately choose what that
channel is, but it has to be non-verbal.  If 98% of language is non-verbal, then you understand the
basis of why.

There is no common language between you and an entity of the inner planes.  You place before
you an idol (a fetish object) and relate to that, some manner of the communication gets to the inner planes, and god only know how or what comes back.

Communication occurs OVER SPACE, through space, not through time.  What is communicated?


Perfect example of this is Telepathic imprinting.  Nothing actually is transmitted telepathically.

The understanding between two people is the basis for communication.  This is a perfect application
for the OTP or Oblivious Transfer Protocol.  A "malicous attacker" is simply anyone, any third element not a party to the communication.

CO means TWO.

An Aquarius will say: "If ONLY I could get two people...".  That's three people.

Understand the duality inherent in the sign.  This is a vicarious, and voyeuristic way of experiencing
the world.

It is as if they are standing behind one-way glass, or better yet.  Like a village idiot, walking around looking through a telescope, myoptically, through the wrong end.

Yeah if only you could "get two people to agree with you".  Then what.

What do they call that?  Artistic co-dependence.

A better way to say Communication and Understanding is:  Novelty and Trivia.

Because, they are characteristically the patterns of mis-communication intrapsychically.

Novelty and Trivia in divination or dreams, which can contain divinatory content.  You are more
qualified than I to know what is revealed to you in your dreams, at least how you experience
them.  You may not understand but they are your dreams.

A lot of people will say: "I cant meditate".  "I cant astrally project".  What they are really saying is that they tried.  And "nothing happened".  The same goes for a lot of things, probably best not shared with anyone else.  Or most likely with meditation is there was an unpleasant sensation or side effect that made them stop.

Trivia is easy.  Real easy.  There is a flower essence for this one.  Bach's Honeysuckle.

Read this description of GIANT BURMESE HONEYSUCKLE from Druid Labs AKA Hummingbird essences:

"...similar in effect to Bach's Honeysuckle, but specific to past-life issues...."


This just so happens to be one of the essences assigned to the sign of Aquarius!

What is the other?

Red Chestnut.

What is that for?

Essentially, for the Trivia end of the equation.

The clue here is in the glyph of Aquarius.  Here we see a conflict between a straight line or train of thought so a zig-zag oscillation is made, creating a sawtooth pattern.  The oscillation between
emotion and thought.

With the classic seven chakra system, three in the middle are always active for biological processes, leaving only two.  Two above or two below.  One can have Emotions or Intellect, but no BOTH.

Or in other cases, we see an oscillation between past and future.  With the top of the crest being present.

In Chinese  (And Egpytian) metaphysics, the etheric-double or Hun separates from the body upon death, but holds a memory of that incarnation and this carries on to the next.  In theory.

We understand now that this is not memory as most think of it.  One of the most difficult things you will have to deal with when interacting with an Aquarius is the know-it-all attitude.

You ask them what time it is, they give you the history of the fucking clock.  Usually, with no actual experience or qualification to be a Horologist.  We see this same duality expressed in the Animus side of the Anima-Animus equation.

The Animus, where the word Animosity is derived, to quote Carl Jung from _Man and his Symbols_ always "right" in a general sense.  He was obviously being sarcastic.  In no way can someone be so wrong and right at the same time.

You can not always be right in a general sense.  The rightness is only right in a general sense having no connection at all between the context or situation at the present moment (or company).

I spent 38 years of my life with an Aquarius.

This is duality, which underpins so many psychological disorders.  Psychotic reality, delusion (The fallacy of misplaced concreteness).  Its hard to pick something from the DSM that is no underlies by the issue of duality.

From the detached cruelty of a Joseph Mengele.

An Aquarius isn't a Voyeur, they are "doing research".  They aren't exhibitionists, They are "Nudists". Do yourself a favor, do some "research" on the porn star wikipedia.  Lo and behold, the largest number of porn stars, male and female are born under the sign of Aquarius.

You don't actually know what time is it do you?

They'll never actually admit they don't know something.  Meticulous or absent minded?

The point being is hey are no accessing memories actually from the brain.  They are accessing ETHERIC memory banks.

This is why the patterns of Novelty and Trivia are indicators of where the information is coming from.  And also of the lack of a channel of communication, intra-psychically in the person, at least a functional one.

They say consistency is credibility.  An Aquarius thinks this means if they tell the same story the same way every time, that makes it credible.

When you trigger an Aquarius, its hysterical.  Just don't do it alone.  Walk out of the room laughing.

Reminds me of that comedy skit "Slowly I Turn". This is no how a brain/mind really functions.  Its not.  No, i'm sorry.  Memory is a function of recall, not remembering.

Besides this glyph what do you have to work with?

Take a look at the Head of the Waterbearer.

Its barely visible.  As if it is other-worldly.  On the other-side.

Like our entity standing on the other side of "the barrier".  Looking at the outer realm,
that we live in.  There is a separation, a distance.  A duality.

Sounds familiar doesn't it.

Yeah every freak, coward, pervert hiding behind a screen (or as I like, polarized screen).

We have a zig-zag and, well, a barrier.

Reminds me of something.  Oh yes, this:

Adding to the archetypal pattern the Light-clock analogy.

On the left, we have light bouncing between two mirrors.

On the right we have the light bouncing between moving mirrors.

The Tibetans call it "The watcher".

The Hun is Dispassionate.  The Dispassionate observer.

The key is to combine both modes.  The problem seems to be the trivia.  If you could eliminate trivia "triggers" then you could theoretically have "incipient omniscience".

Still the "double" needs the conscious observer, the self to combine both Novelty and Trivia together to be able to function in space-time effectively.

Trivia means what is going on everywhere at the present.  No near future or near past.

No history of the fucking clock.  Just what time it is in every time zone.  Time everywhere tells us that minus Trivia, we are also getting it wrong.  Novelty of knowing what time it is everywhere.  If is 9pm EST its 4 hours back PST.  If its 9pm here its 9am in Hong kong.

But what if I don't know what time it is where I am at?  You can talk all you want about the TRIVIA of time.  You still don't know what time it is where YOU are at.

This is the flaw of the "Heisenberg observer".  The uncertainty.

Inside joke.  Remember that Rip Off Shack talking watch.  It never worked.

All those talking clocks are bloody annoying.

What is the time right now, at this (your) arbitrary frame of reference.

That is a subject for another post, dealt with here somewhat in my youtube video:

I'm thinking more of a "novelty drift".

That the Trivia is not really a knowing, an experience, at least a processed experience ideally stored non-entropically.  Rather, a sequence of Novelties.  A Trivia of Novelties or Novel ideas.

"If only I could get two people....."

This is my round-about response to: The Sagnac Effect: Does it Contradict Relativity?

(format from usenet post)

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Naval law is Civil law: The Law of the Flag

Okay guy's here is the web based mind map draft that we can only call "Naval Law is Civil Law".

Before I work on this anymore, I elaborate a bit more on what you have before you.

This started with my finding of a CDROM at the free book section of the library.  There were a whole bunch of CDROM on various military subjects.  I was wondering if this stuff was not for public use.

I was looking for cites and leads on CIT (Customary International Law) because it states in the HKSAR Basic law that it recognizes Customary Law (International Law as Customary International Law).

The implications of this alone, as I will lay out over the coming days, are far reaching.  What I came across is an interesting passage in the Operational Law Handbook Chapter 2: Law of Armed Conflict:

AP I, Article 39(2), prohibits the use in international armed conflict of enemy flags, emblems, uniforms, or insignia while engaging in attacks or “to shield, favor, protect or impede military operations.” The United States does not consider this article reflective of customary law. This article, however, expressly does not apply to naval warfare.
 The issue is then made even more clear in a previous paragraph:
Uniforms.  Under the U.S. position, Combatants may wear enemy uniforms but cannot fight in them with the intent to deceive. An escaping POW may wear an enemy uniform or civilian clothing to affect his escape.  Military personnel captured in enemy uniform or civilian clothing risk being treated as spies.  In contrast, under the European view espoused by Article 39 of Additional Protocol I, the use of enemy uniforms is prohibited in virtually all cases.
The "U.S. position" defines: American Customary International Law (ACIL) and the "European view" defines: European Customary International Law (ECIL).

In other words.  You can use False colors (see Law of the Flag) and other ruses to deceive.  Seems rather arbitrary?  It is not!  Psyops and Espionage are in fact, not in violation of the LOAC.  If you are caught, you most always are going to be treated as a Spy.  Same with Mercenaries.  You have no protection under the Geneva convention.

If you have seen an episode of A-team you have seen them all.

LOAC stands for Laws Of Armed Conflict.  What does that mean?:
The law of war (LOW) is “that part of international law that regulates the conduct of armed hostilities.” It is often termed the law of armed conflict (LOAC) and sometimes called international humanitarian law (IHL). The LOAC encompasses all international law for the conduct of hostilities binding on the United States or its individual citizens, including treaties and international agreements to which the United States is a party, and applicable customary international law (CIL). This chapter will use the term LOAC to refer to the LOW or IHL.
We are told by the Soldier of Fortune magazine that "Mercenaries are legal, as long as you operate under the Neutrality Act".  This statement was not made by a lawyer or historian.  What they should prefix on that statement is: "Don't get caught".

Spy, Mercenary and Covert Operative or Covert Informant (CT) are essentially treated the same thing under LOAC.

If you have seen an episode of Mission: Impossible you've seen them all.

The Art of War does not approach the sheer magnitude of the deviousness of this subtle use of legal jargon which are fundamentally ORDNANCES OF CUSTOMARY INTERNATIONAL LAW (CIT)!

LOW is positive law.  The Law-of-man, the Law-of-force!  It is Martial, Civil law.  Federal law.

That's about all I am going to dedicate to this right now.  Spend some time processing this and realizing the implications.

NAVAL LAW is not limited to the seas.  To international waters.  Maritime law extends to all contracts (Merchant).  Admiralty law has no limits of locality.  And Naval law is not Maritime or Admiralty law!

It is a separate species of law.  Borrowing from the similar concept(s).  IT DEFINES FEDERAL JURISDICTION AND PRECAUTIONARY JURISDICTION OVER ALL STATE/STATEHOOD!

I am the first to illustrate this for the general public.  Know this to be true.

Above "False colors" on the top put: "The Law of the Flag" and then a "child" underneath titled: 4 U.S. Code Chapter 1 then connecting "false flags".

At the bottom between: LOAC and IHRL place a Question mark (?)

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

EDIFACT warning letter

Warning letter – An informed compliance letter notifying an EIP/RLF filer of any infraction when an entry or entry summary was filed contrary to 19 U.S.C. § 1414 and 19 C.F.R. § 143, Subpart E. It will serve as a warning against future breaches of the RLF regulations and does not preclude penalty action for the above mentioned violation(s). Future instances of non-compliance will be referred to the Private attorney general (myself) for further administrative action, which can include suspension of your RLF privileges or removal from the program.


19 USC 1414 - Sec. 1414. Remote location filing
19 C.F.R. § 171.2   Filing a petition.
19 C.F.R. § 111.55   Investigation of complaints.

Statutes say:  " or Customs".

Not US customs, just CUSTOMS.

YAMA say's: "Settle out of court"
"Or the man in black robes will visit you..."