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Thursday, July 17, 2014

尉繚子 - 將理 Jiangli: The General as Law official

Chapter 9: The General as a Law Official

"In general, a general is an officer of the law, the ruler of the ten thousand things. It cannot be the personal domain of one man. When it is not the personal domain of one man, the ten thousand things will come and be commanded there."

"The perfected man [chu"n-tzu] does not stop criminals more than five paces away. Even though they may shoot at him with barbed arrows, he does not pursue them. He excels at discovering the nature of a criminal’s offense. Without relying on thorn branches, he can obtain a complete understanding of the offender’s situation."

"If you flog a person’s back, brand his ribs, or compress his fingers in order to question him about the nature of his offense, even a state hero could not withstand this cruelty and would falsely implicate himself."

"There is a saying in our age" ‘One who has thousands of pieces of gold will not die; one who has hundreds of pieces of gold will not suffer corporeal punishment.’ If you listen to my techniques and try them in practice, then even a person with the wisdom of Yao or Shun will not be able to affect a word [of the charge against him], nor one with ten thousand pieces of gold be able to use the smallest silver piece [to escape punishment].

"At present those in prison awaiting judgement number no less than several tens in the smallest gaols, no less than several hundred in the middle-sized jails, and no less than several thousand in the largest prisons. Ten men entangle one hundred men in their affairs; one hundred men drag in one thousand; and one thousand trap ten thousand."

"Those that have become entangled are parents and brothers, next relatives by marriage, and next those who are acquaintances and old friends. For this reason the farmers all leave their occupations in the fields, the merchants depart from their stores, and the officials leave their posts."

These good people have all been dragged in because of the nature of our criminal proceedings. The Art of War says: ‘When an army of ten thousand goes forth, its daily expensive is a thousand pieces of gold.’ Now when there are ten thousand good people thus entangled and imprisoned, yet the ruler is unable to investigate the situation --- I take it to be dangerous!"

In Chinese:

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Communication over space versus communication over time illustrated by the traveling-wave interferogram or time varying hologram

I posted a note on facebook a few weeks ago giving a fairly common illustration of communication over space, not time.  Generally, this is a misunderstanding and application of awareness, as most things are.

However, I realized, that I had failed to realized that communication over time does occur.  When or if communication occurs over time, or through time, it occurs with a specific limitation that communication through space does not.

This is interesting, because from the interferogram's below, we see a specific limitation on how far back we can go "through time".  Cause and effect here is effectively reversed, so the precursor wave is that of an event in the future, going backwards, and the following wave is and event in the past going forward.

As you go back, the signal gets weaker, probably requiring some time of method to make the weak signal stronger.  What comes to mind here is developing a photograph that you took.  You know what it is a picture of, but you cannot simply drop the picture in the developer and a picture forms.

Rather, you have to move it back and forth.  I read this somewhere on the raudive recordings, that five minutes could take 50 minutes of playing and rewinding, as if the act of playing and rewinding "develops" the recording.

We do not generally want to intent to communicate over time, but rather, through space.  Comm has the word CO meaning TWO and COMM as in "no duh".  Communication requires something going from A to B but what arrives at B was not A.  Hence holomovement.